Our Art Deco NYC Hotel

The Historic Wyndham New Yorker

Built in 1929, during the height of the Jazz Age, Wyndham New Yorker has dazzled visitors with its Art Deco décor, exceptional service, and superb location in Midtown West for generations.

Luminaries including Nikola Tesla, John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali and Jennifer Hudson have stayed here at our NYC Art Deco hotel. Learn more about our past, present, and future – and then add your name to our list of VIP guests!

Our Past

The New Yorker was at the forefront of the city’s building boom in the 1920s. At the time of its opening, it was the largest hotel in New York City, with 2,500 rooms, as well as ballrooms and private dining “salons” – not to mention the nation’s largest private power plant, installed in the hotel’s sub basements.

The Big Band era of the early 1930s ushered in the first heyday of the New Yorker, as guests affected by the Great Depression visited the hotel to forget their troubles, if only for a short while. The hotel’s popularity continued through the 1940s, with famous guests including the Brooklyn Dodgers during the 1941 World Series, as well as Joe DiMaggio when his Yankees were in town.

Unfortunately, the 1950s and 1960s were less prosperous for the New Yorker, and it was forced to close its doors in 1972.

Our Present

A citywide economic reawakening in 1994 led to new management and a complete refurbishment of the iconic New Yorker. Nearly 200 rooms were officially reopened later that year, and by 2000, over 1,000 elegantly renovated rooms were brought online. In addition, the hotel remodeled the famous Tick Tock Diner, making it a 24-hour eatery and confirming its place as a New York institution.

Our Future

The New Yorker continues to thrive, attracting visitors from all over the world, as well as from right here in NYC. With the Jacob Javits Convention Center just moments away and the revitalized West Side of Manhattan – particularly the 34th Steel corridor – becoming increasingly desirable, we’re confident that our hotel will enjoy continued success well into the future. And we invite you to experience it with us!

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